Originally abbreviated from Student College and Administrative Committee News, SCAN was started in 1967 as a one-page newsletter by members of staff at the University. In the later years of publication, the Editor’s position became an elected sabbatical role within the Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU).

The publication has continued to evolve over the years and has now become one of the longest running student newspapers in Europe. With over 500 editions, the publishing process — from writing to editing, photography to layout design — is done entirely by students. In 2008, SCAN editor, Dan Hogan retitled the publication as Student Comment and News while maintaining the original acronym.

SCAN has been improving its contents and production value in the recent years. Since 2009, stories submission have primarily been done through this website which has enabled it to serve as an alternative medium of content delivery to the print edition. The same year the newspaper switched to being printed on 100% recycled paper. Further changes took place in 2010, as SCAN Editor Lizzie Houghton, introduced Carolynne — a supplement magazine for features, lifestyle and culture.

2015 brought changes, with SCAN Editor Ollie Orton developing a new website along with staff at LUSU. The new site allowed a far more interactive experience than had been available before.