No sporting competition is complete without cheerleading, and neither York or Lancaster disappointed in providing impressive stunts and energetic dance in a variety of divisions.

Lancaster kicked off the competition with Lancaster taking centre stage, setting the bar high with an exceptional performance that got the crowd going, but York came back with an equally impressive opening which used the space well. Aside from what you’d usually expect, York performed a lyrical piece to ‘Feeling Good’, a slower paced number that provided a welcome contrast in tone from the more explosive openings.

Despite a couple of stumbles here and there, each performance came on stranger than the last, and the stunts became more and more daring as the competition rose through the divisions. Despite what you might expect from cheerleading, some of the routines were performed without music, and to the catchy chant of ‘1, 3, 5, 7’ to keep everyone in time.

The final results came in with York holding the lead by one point. Lancaster won the Para and Level 3 Stunt divisions, however, York won Level Cheer, Level 2 Cheer, and Level 2 Stunt to secure their victory.

Lilly and Erin from Lancaster said:
“The standard this year has been set an exceptionally high. Everyone ups their game every time we have Roses, so it is always good to have a rematch. It’s quite nice being able to see the other teams, both Lancaster and York, and to see the improvements we’ve all made.”